A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

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• Cute story. A nice reminder that it’s worth it to dig a little deeper to get to know someone. –
• I am not finished. Picked it up again today and read a lot. Plan to finish it. Definitely enjoying it. – Tami
• Sweet feel good story. Love ornery old men! – Carrie
• I was slow to set into it, but I ended up feeling warm and sweet at the ending and enjoyed the writing. – Chelsea
• I enjoyed the story and characters. I am glad I read this book and would recommend it. – Steph
• I didn’t dislike the story but I kept comparing it to Out of Sorts by Aurelie Valognes, I enjoyed the satire and humor in that one much more. If I hadn’t so recently read Out of Sorts, I think I would have come to this fresher and probably would have been more excited about it. The writing is great, the story structure is well done and the characters are well formed and distinct. – Danica

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