A Separation by Katie Kitamura

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• It was short and written in an interesting way. I would not typically like a book like this, but was pleasantly surprised. – Sarah
• Granted, I finished it quite awhile ago. I thought it was an interesting concept and enjoyed certain language but the narrator felt removed. – Chelsea
• It was a book I read through quickly because I wanted to see what would happen. However, the book didn’t strike me as a favorite or stand out in any particular way. Still, I like the writing and found it had a real human dimension to the narrative. Very reflective narrator. – Hillary
• More food for thought then action. It wasn’t a book that really spoke to me, but I think a good book for discussion. – Kerry
• It was short and a quick read. Couldn’t connect to any of the characters and felt let down overall. – Carrie
• The moral dilemmas were interesting but beside an insight into the main character’s inner dialogue, nothing really happens. – Danica

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