A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

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• I missed reading this as a child and was happy to have the opportunity to return to it with our Book Club. I enjoyed the science fiction and fantasy elements of the story. I appreciated Meg as the main character and was also very drawn to Charles Wallace. Definitely a book I would like to re-read someday! I feel like I could get something new out of it by re-reading. -Hillary
• I never read this as a child and I didn’t love it as an adult. I enjoyed the science/science fiction parts of this book and wished there was more of that and less of the fantasy/adventure elements. I can appreciate this as a classic piece of children’s literature and can see why it is popular but overall it is not my type of thing. -Nicole
• I enjoyed reading the story, as I had never read it before.  However, it was not a genre I prefer. -Carrie
• This was a good, solid read. I enjoyed it. The writing style, characters and plot were all good! -Steph
•I had read it as a kid but did not remember anything about it.  So I guess it was not very memorable. The book has good themes of love and self sufficiency. -Sarah
• I read this awhile back but sincerely didn’t remember much about it. I appreciate that this gave rise to a whole new category and genre for kids lit but I didn’t love the fantasy elements. -Danica

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