All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister

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• I couldn’t get through it, so I don’t know if it got better, but I found the author annoyingly opinionated and biased and unorganized. I felt like I kept re-reading the same thing. – Steph
• While the subject matter is very interesting and important to be written about, I found her tone very militant. I feel like the evolution of feminism has been freeing up the ability for women to chose many paths. It’s this ability to chose that is the prize of the all the hard fought battles of our predecessors, allowing many choices instead of one militant counter. The tone felt exclusive instead of inclusive and that really upset me. – Danica
• Very comprehensive, covers history, sociology, all classes and situations. I thought she presented a good description of changing demographics in today’s society. – Kerry
• The book was self indulgent and was clearly not written to forward a feminist agenda or seriously discuss single women. This book, can only appeal to people who think the same way as her. – Sarah
• I enjoyed the overview of history and current events and some of the points. For me, personally I really enjoyed the idea of studying and exploring this concept of women without the shaping of men. – Chelsea

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