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In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

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• The story dragged and there were too many characters, but I was brought right back to my childhood reading her writing again. – Kerry
• I was really looking forward to reading the book as Judy Blume was one of my favorite authors growing up. The book fell short of my expectations. Too many characters and they had no appeal. Could have been shorter, very slow. – Vicki
• This was a marathon with no payoff for me. It went on and on about a story I was once excited about until I actually read it… – Danica
• Another book I finished. It was an easy read. Hard to follow at first, with so many characters. But, I enjoyed her writing as a kid and it felt nice reading her writing again. – Tami
• I was really boring and I just did not care. – Sarah

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

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• I’ve never read Agatha Christie. I really enjoyed this, once I got the characters straight. Thought it was very clever. – Carrie
• I enjoyed the book. Really easy to read. Interesting to find out who the person was at the end. Did not expect it. – Tami
• An easy read. Definitely the best part was the epilogue and the details of the whole scheme. – Nikki
• The book was really fun. I loved the twist at the end. – Sarah
• I liked the book – it was so fun! – Steph
• I really enjoyed this and was blown away by how contemporary it felt. – Danica

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

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• I really did not care – I didn’t feel like I could relate at all to any characters. – Sarah
* I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book again. She’s a great writer – I highlighted lots of lines because she was so insightful. And the racial struggle and injustice is so striking and infuriating. – Steph
• At times I was engrossed, at other times I felt very disconnected. – Danica
• I expected more. I’m not sure why I couldn’t connect. – Melissa
• I was so looking forward to this book, but came out feeling disappointed. Like others, I couldn’t connect to the characters and wasn’t drawn to anything. – Carrie
• I wanted to like it but couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters. – Nikki
• I admire Angelou so much. I enjoyed reading about the experiences in her life that shaped her future. – Kerry

China Dolls by Lisa See

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• I enjoyed reading about San Francisco. My dad was born there around the time of WWII and I can imagine my grandparents visiting the clubs! – Kerry
• There were parts I enjoyed and others I didn’t. Not my favorite Lisa See book. – Danica
• It was an east read, but I found it very predictable. I didn’t relate or enjoy the main characters. I would have liked more about the internment camp experience. – Carrie
• I wanted to like the book and kept reading but 40% through I still wasn’t into it. I am happy to hear from the others what happened. I should have kept plugging along. – Nikki
• I thought the book was very interesting. Not my fav of hers, but still enjoyable. I liked the characters. – Steph
• I was OK. This is not one of her best books. – Sarah

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

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• The book was fun – like book candy! – Steph
• At least the book was short, but I felt it was really similar to Gone Girl. Much of it felt really contrived in order to have a twist. – Sarah
• It was kind of like a car chase – wasn’t sure I liked it but had to find out the end. – Nikki
• I think Nikki had a good summary. I liked the main character and felt for her. – Kerry
• Ditto on what Nikki said. I didn’t like the main character and couldn’t feel for her. – Carrie
• I finished the book! Yah! I enjoyed it. I liked the twist at the end. I knew it was someone she knew, but wasn’t sure who. Easy read. – Tami

The Madame Curie Complex by Julie Des Jardins

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• I The author gave some really interesting perspectives on women in science through the end of the 1800’s and 1900’s. I wish she would have addressed the future and time after the early 1990’s. – Sarah
• I wasn’t able to finish the book, but everything I read was interesting and new information. – Kerry
• I loved the sections about specific women and movements, I hadn’t learned much about most of these women and their contributions. It dragged a little in the section introductions but they were needed to put everything in context. – Danica

Pavilion of Women by Pearl S. Buck

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• I enjoyed the story of the family and Madame Wu’s role and power within it. I was not as interested in the story of the priest or her constant reminiscence of him. – Carrie
• The book was worse than The Good Earth. The story was really slow to get started. – Sarah
• There were few (and far between) parts I enjoyed but I would have loved to have read more about the stories and feelings of the other women in the household. – Danica

Redfield Farm by Judith Redline Coopey

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• At first I wasn’t very excited about reading this because I have read so much historical fiction about the pre civil war/civil war era. I then realized that this was about the underground railroad and the Quakers and became excited because I haven’t read much about that. Well, after completing it, I was pretty disappointed. While I liked the details surrounding the story, the wiring and actual story left me unfulfilled. – Danica
• I liked the description of the underground railroad, but I wish the author had focused more on the character development and story. – Kerry
• I enjoyed reading the book. It was quick and easy and I enjoyed the story. – Steph
• It was written poorly and the story was boring. The characters were bland and not fully developed. – Sarah

Maya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende

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• I liked the book. I really enjoyed her writing style and her character development. – Steph
• I enjoy Allende’s writing – the subtle humor, the characters. I liked the family closeness in the characters and the descriptions of life on the island. – Kerry
• As I began this book, I was reminded of how much I adore Allende’s language. Although I didn’t think this was her best story, I find her writing style to be far and away above other authors. – Marlo
• This was an easy read. The characters were well developed. I especially enjoyed as she looked back over her life. – Carrie
• I loved the writing and most of the book. I could have done without a few of the extraneous story points but on a whole, I liked it. – Danica

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

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• I thought the story with the grandmother and her story was the best part. I had trouble connecting with the Sage character. – Kerry
• I really enjoyed the book. At times, it was hard to read and I wanted to cry, but I got through it. Minka’s tale of survival was inspirational. – Rachelle
• I have reservation about holocaust-related fiction and some aspects of the story seemed a little too Jodi Picoult rather than part of the narrative but it was an interesting subject with interesting characters. – Shannon
• I really enjoyed reading the book. It was very interesting hearing about the Holocaust and how the story came together. It was a really good storyline. – Tami
• Parts of the story felt disjointed. At the start of the book it was really focused on Sage and Joseph’s story which was interesting. The the story was completely taken over by Minka’s story. I think the author shouldn’t have left the story from the original perspective. – Sarah
• I really enjoyed the book. Several times I cried and was in shock of what happened. It kept my attention. – Nikki
• I enjoyed the book as fiction, but it was a little too far fetched for me as a Holocaust novel. It took bits and pieces from all the big Holocaust memoirs which made it even more unrealistic to me. I did like the concept of hearing the story from both sides. – Carrie
• There were bits that I really enjoyed and then others that were unrealistic and disjointed. I also was left feeling unsatisfied by its predictability and how much did end up tiring together too perfectly. – Danica
• I did not like this book. I had to put it down as soon as the FBI guy said one of the ways to prosecute was to have a witness. I have read Picoult before and I do not like the way she writes. I did not care about the characters and thought the story was contrived. – Steph
• Although I found points of the story nightmare-inducing, its important that these stories are known. However, even only halfway through, I’m not thoroughly engrossed in the plot. – Marlo

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