Bob Dylan: Intimate Insights by Kathleen Mackay

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• Wasn’t able to finish it… didn’t feel it gave any insight and the descriptions were too flowery with regards to the other artists. It felt like she was kissing the artist’s rears as a thank you for doing the interview. – Brandi
• This book was OK. I liked the overall theme of Dylan’s contribution to music, but the chapters and interviews were inconsistent in their contributions. – Kerry
• The book was fun to read. I didn’t especially care for the style of writing, but the memories of childhood it conjured was pleasant – of course, I just dated myself. – Stacey
• Didn’t finish this one – my time is too valuable. The writing seemed completely unfocused with an occasional tidbit of Dylan. – Marlo
• I was really excited about this book because I am a big Dylan fan. Boy, was I disappointed. I kept thinking I should just stop reading but once I made it halfway, I just kept going. She made Dylan’s autobiography sound really interesting when she quoted it, I wish I had read that instead. – danica

Conclusion: This one landed with quite a thud! If we hadn’t won our copies, I think the group would be rallying for a refund.

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