Book Club Resources

Book Clubs:


  • Book Movement – Our Essential Book Club Planner tracks what book clubs are reading, in addition to giving our member book clubs a way to share and distribute book information to their members. Clubs create their own private, customized web page on which they can post book selections and send notices to members. The Planner creates a reading guide for their selection, and emails the guide, meeting details, Google map of meeting location, Amazon price with buy link and RSVP request to their members. The Planner also sends a follow-up email to club members asking them to evaluate their book selection for their peers.
  • Reading Group Guides – An online community for Book Clubs including reading group guides, giveaways and recommendations.
  • Book Browse – Book reviews, reader reviews and recommendations.
  • Book Clubs Resource – a complete guide to book clubs and reading groups with an outstanding collection of links and information for readers, including information about saving with discount book clubs.

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