Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

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• The book was more interesting than I expected. The research was thorough and really highlighted how easily the media could be bought. -Sarah
• I really loved certain parts of this book like the women’s stories and Ronan Farrow’s backstory. I found other parts dull. -Nicole
• Well written and heartbreaking to read. -Kerry
• Ronan Farrow is my hero. This book exemplifies how important the press it! -Steph
• I was throughly engaged throughout the whole book, it literally reads like a spy novel. I was glad that we read it when we did during the NY trial, conviction, and sentencing of Harvey Weinstein. With all the damage that he got away with all those years, it felt insurmountable to get to a conviction while reading their accounts. I am happy these women were able to get a little bit of closure. I also listened to the companion podcast, The Catch and Kill Podcast, which is just as worthy as the book. -Danica

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