China Dolls by Lisa See

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• I enjoyed reading about San Francisco. My dad was born there around the time of WWII and I can imagine my grandparents visiting the clubs! – Kerry
• There were parts I enjoyed and others I didn’t. Not my favorite Lisa See book. – Danica
• It was an east read, but I found it very predictable. I didn’t relate or enjoy the main characters. I would have liked more about the internment camp experience. – Carrie
• I wanted to like the book and kept reading but 40% through I still wasn’t into it. I am happy to hear from the others what happened. I should have kept plugging along. – Nikki
• I thought the book was very interesting. Not my fav of hers, but still enjoyable. I liked the characters. – Steph
• I was OK. This is not one of her best books. – Sarah

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