Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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• I appreciated the setting and historical context. At times, I felt the book’s pace was slow, and in these moments, I didn’t feel fully engaged. – Hillary
• I didn’t really care or like the story. It really did not show that people have any sort of control of self. – Sarah
• I was hoping to connect more with the book than when I was in high school I found it to be more slow, but I do respect the historical significance. – Chelsea
• I did not enjoy the writing style. It was engaging in the first half of the book, but I didn’t connect with the progression of the story. – Carrie
• I listened to the book. My experience seemed to be a little different than everyone else’s because the reader changed his voice/accent for the different characters and read the more lyrical parts with an almost musical cadence. I did however, agree that the second half was less interesting. – Danica
• I thought the book was an interesting and important book of the history and culture of South Africa. I’m glad I read it. – Steph
•I liked the way the book was written, the poetry of the descriptions of South Africa, and the different points of view. – Kerry

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