December’s Book Club & The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

14 years!!! As has been the tradition, we had our annual holiday/birthday party plus a book club discussion, complete with gift exchange and our annual photo. Thanks ladies for making it another great year!

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• I love her writing style and once I got used to the fact that this is really vignettes and not a story, I really enjoyed it. – Danica
• It was really boring and did not draw me in. – Sarah
• I remember reading this in high school. Didn’t like it then, didn’t like it now. – Tami
• I really like her writing style and I always enjoy short stories. Felt like reading long poems. – Steph
• I read it, but did not get engaged or see any point to the story. Easy read though. – Carrie
• I liked the vignette format. Wonderful writing. – Kerry

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