Emma by Jane Austen

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• I had read it before, but was glad I got to refresh; I enjoyed it more this time. – Chelsea
• I’ve always wanted to read this and never got to it. Really enjoyed the book. – Carrie
• I could imagine Emma being a progressive, forward thinking woman of her time, and so I especially appreciated her early on in the book. Later,  I enjoyed more of the comical and ironic elements of the book. Highly enjoyed it – especially the way it was written. – Hillary
• This was the first Austen book I had read and really loved it. Coming back many years later and after reading the rest of Austen, I realized this is not one of my favorites. – Sarah
• I couldn’t get into this book. There were cute and Shakespearian parts/situations that I enjoyed but I had trouble connection with the characters and had little patience for Emma. – Steph
• I somehow never read this but the Gwyneth Paltrow movie version is one of my favorites from my teenage years. I was happy to have finally read this and liked the style of writing and pluckiness of Emma. On the other hand, the wealth, leisure, and social station commentary was very interesting but also somewhat off-putting in its frivolity. – Danica

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