Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

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• Most of the story I just didn’t care. It could have been way shorter. – Sarah
• I enjoyed the story. By the end of the Fates story I was interested to read the Furies. – Kerry
• I was indifferent to most of it and just wanted to make it through to the end. The prose getting real tricky and then going in and out really bothered me. The main idea that stuck with me was that of a creative partnership and what lengths you will go to for your partner to be successful. – Danica
• I only read half and couldn’t understand why it was so one-sided. Then, I got to the Mathilde part – but by that time I didn’t care! – Steph
• I agree with the previous statements. In the beginning I just didn’t care. Then I didn’t like them and I didn’t care. But I was drawn in enough to finish. – Carrie
• Some shining moments with language and imagery, I really enjoyed the plays. Not a lot to like in the characters. – Chelsea

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