Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam’s Madame Nhu by Monique Brinson Demery

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• The book was more focused on the time period than it was about Madame Nhu. I also thought she was supposed to be more evil but that didn’t really come through. – Sarah
• I thought the book was so very interesting, I learned so much. She was a very complicated person. I plan on finishing it. – Steph
• I was really looking forward to reading this book, but I had a hard time getting into it. At about a third of the way, it’s starting to grab my interest. – Kerry
• This was very interesting learning about the time period, but didn’t feel it was really about Madame Nhu or the interview with her. I did enjoy learning about the pre-war period though. – Carrie
• I was interested in learning about this time period but found all the same info in this book in the Wikipedia article about Madame Nhu and felt it didn’t gain any deeper understanding of her character or motives. – Shannon
• I learned a lot about Vietnamese history and the situation that set up the Vietnam war but I didn’t feel like I learned very much about Madame Nhu. I think I would have been much more satisfied if the title didn’t have her in it. – Danica

Conclusion: We definitely liked the added history knowledge that we gained from this, just don’t expect a huge revelation about Madame Nhu.

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