Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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• I was really excited to start his book, I’ve never read Mark Twain. I could not get into it. I kept picking it back up thinking it’s got to get better. Finally, I gave up and only made it halfway. – Carrie
• I enjoyed the writing style and the insight into that time period and life. – Melissa
• Although I didn’t finish the book in time, I am enjoying it. Mark Twain had a wonderful way of building characters that reflect the time period. He also makes it sound like a fabulous lifestyle to just float along indefinitely on a raft. – Marlo
• I had a hard time concentrating on this story. There were parts were I was completely engaged and others where I was just bored. – Danica
• The story was OK, the author was really good about keeping the dialect of the characters. – Sarah

Conclusion: A definite mixed bag but still an important read in understanding that period of time.

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