I’m Walking as Straight as I Can by Geri Jewell

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• Geri’s honesty and humor made reading her memoir enjoyable! Having Geri at our book club was priceless! – Melissa
• Awesome book. I love her honesty, vulnerability and her strength through life’s experiences. -Dina
• This was a great personal insight into Geri’s life. Not only was it enlightening to gain more understanding and admiration for how determinedly she has overcome and succeeded with her CP, but it was also relatable to anyone who has experiences of growing up. – Marlo
• Geri’s was so incredibly honest with her writing that I felt like I knew her even before she arrived at book club. Her positivity, determination and humor is inspiring. It was so generous for her to come and indulge us in a wonderful conversation at our book club. – Danica
• I enjoyed reading this book. It felt like I had known Geri forever after I read it. A great evening talking with the author! – Kerry
• I really enjoyed reading about her life. She is an amazing lady. – Tami
• I really enjoyed this read. It was easy and fun. I felt so connected to Geri and so invested in her life. Her honest, humorous writing style was refreshing. – Carrie
Conclusion: We loved meeting Geri and had a wonderfully thought provoking conversation with her. Thank you Geri for joining us!

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