John Dies in the End by David Wong

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• It was fun and wacky. Moved quickly and a fun, light read. – Sarah
• I liked it and hope to finish it one day. It was refreshingly different and funny. – Steph
• I enjoyed this book, as campy as it was. Totally engaging and kept me reading until the end. – Brandi
• I loved the humor. I loved the plot. I did not appreciate the ending. John didn’t die at the end – or at all for that matter. – Melissa
• Just a bunch of gratuitous gore. Stuck it out for just over a hundred pages, then decided my time was too valuable for this book. – Marlo
• I don’t know if I actually “liked” the book, but I loved the writing style, I wouldn’t put it down. A true “page turner.” – Carrie
• I really loved the prologue to this book, however I didn’t feel like it kept up the pace I expected after reading the beginning. There were parts that I loved and parts that I could have done without but overall I found it pretty funny. – Danica

Conclusion: Most liked it, we spent some time on talking about it and had a great time recalling some of the funnier parts.

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