Mama, Are We There Yet? by Rose Saposnek

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• This was such an interesting read. I didn’t realize the horror of the Bolshevik Revolution and really felt for the people who had to build a new life in a foreign place. – Marlo
• I really liked this book. I liked the voice – a very unique perspective and the theme I came away with was one of hope and friendship. No matter where they were, people/strangers risked their lives to help them. – Steph
• This book is so interesting. I know so very little about this and it was so unique to hear about it from a child’s point of view. – Kerry
• It was really different than any other book I have read. Very refreshing. – Sarah
• I liked the book and the bit of history it touches on. It’s prompted me to do research on the web. – Stacey
• I liked the book. It was very interesting to hear about the voyage one needed to take to come to America. – Tami
• This was a really quick read. It is amazing how many people of that generation had similar circumstances just different settings. I grew up hearing these stories and completely related. I found it interesting that it was written from the perspective of a child although it sometimes felt a bit bratty but I understand what the author was trying to accomplish. I also found it really interesting that in all the chaos, the main character, a child, was not really told what was happening and that she was never prompted to talk about what she was experiencing. – danica
• The book was very interesting… especially seeing events surrounding the Bolshevik Revolution from a child’s eyes. – Rachelle
• This book was very engaging. Very interesting point of view. Enjoyed the history. – Brandi

Conclusion: We had a really wonderful time meeting with the author, Rose Saposnek. Everyone read and came very well prepared and I think she enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed meeting with her and her daughter. That is Rose, seated in the middle of the bottom row in the pink shirt.

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  1. mi

    In case I haven’t mentioned it (and even if I have)-
    Thank you for maintaining our Book Club, this blog, and so much else! This is such a great record for us, and resource for other book clubs. You already have so much on your plate, and I think it is really fantastic that you do this for us as well.
    Love M

  2. Jason

    I must share the sad news that Rose has passed away. She passed in her sleep early in the morning of 01/21/08.

    “Mama, Are We There Yet?” is, by far, one of the things Rose was most proud of.

    I’m glad that many of you enjoyed reading her book, you see, if it were not for Rose, I would not be here today. She is my Grandmother. Thank you all for spending some time with Rose. I assure you she enjoyed your company.

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