Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

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• I really enjoyed the book. Well written and a good story. The characters were good, but I wish Molly was more developed. – Steph
• I loved the historical parts of this book, particularly Vivian’s story. I could have done without the modern story and it felt like merely a vehicle to get to the historical one. – Danica
• The story was interesting from a historical perspective but it ended very abruptly. I felt it did not have an ending and could have used an epilogue. – Sarah
• I especially enjoyed Vivian’s story, fascinating to learn about the trains. The book was an easy read and enjoyable. – Steph
• I found myself completely immersed and drawn to this story. This was the first I learned that orphaned children were sent to the Midwest and given away like stray kittens. It is so sad to think of some of these experiences. Yet, I really enjoyed the story, moving back and forth in time. – Marlo
• I really learned a lot from this historical fiction story. It was a fun, interesting story. – Vicki
• The story kept me interested. – Kerry

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