Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson

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• Honestly, I was more interested in Helen Hunt Jackson’s real life and the historical aspect of California. Some the prose was poetic. – Chelsea
• I didn’t get far enough to review, however, it hadn’t grabbed me… – Steph
• There were things I likes and things I didn’t. However, the writing style made it feel like a slog to get through. – Sarah
• I surprised myself and was totally immersed in the experience, time period and character development. The setting intrigued me, especially not being from Southern California and not learning this history in school. – Hillary
• The story moved way too slowly for me. I enjoyed reading about the places in California, but I didn’t think there was enough of the point of view of Native Americans. – Kerry
• I am happy that I finally read this one. I enjoyed the historical parts set in Southern California and reading up on the response and aftermath of the book, it’s inspirations, and tourist attractions. However, the story was not as informative about the daily lives of the Native Americans during this period as I had expected considering that Hunt Jackson wrote this to be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin for exposing the tribes’ plight. – Danica

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