Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson

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• A beautifully written story that interwove personal experiences of each character. I would have loved more story from each and any of them! – Kerry
• A fascinating examination of what it means to be family.  – Chelsea
• I appreciated Jacqueline Woodson’s storytelling craft. I was struck by the depth and dimensionality of all the characters in the book. This was a nuanced portrayal of a family’s multigenerational story. – Hillary
• Such a beautifully written and intimate inter-generational story. I loved the themes of class and parenthood. – Nicole
• This was an engaging, nicely written book with good depth of character and interesting situations. I think the book will stay with me for a long time! Glad I read it. – Steph
• A beautifully written story with so much complexity. – Danica

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