Still Alice by Lisa Genova

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• I absolutely loved this book. It has changed my professional practice. I love that it is told in first person. I have told everyone I know about this book. – Carrie
• I liked this book for its different point of view. As a person with short-term memory problems, this book SKERRED me! – Kerry
• I enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful insight into the life of a person dealing with Alzheimer’s. – Melissa
• Loved this book. It was a fast read. I really enjoyed the insight of the person telling the story. Definitely recommend it to others. – Tami
• This book was so resonant of my days working with Alzheimer’s patients. It just inspired such empathy and compassion for people stricken by the disease, and the families that have to pick up the pieces. I loved the first hand narrative and understanding that the future is so blurry. – Marlo
• To its credit, it was not long enough to dislike but long enough to connect and like. – Sarah
• I appreciated getting and Alzheimer’s perspective; really getting a look at what the patients go through. I didn’t love it because it is not my cup of tea. But I appreciated this perspective. – Mari

Conclusion: We had a long, in depth discussion related to this book. Even those that didn’t read it could contribute and those that usually don’t read, finished and enjoyed it. Definitely a conversation starter.

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