The Boston Girl: A Novel by Anita Diamant

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• The book was very easy to read, finished it in 2 days. However, not sure how I felt about it. Didn’t really stay with me. – Carrie
• I enjoyed the story and characters. I especially enjoyed how women lived in the time period. – Kerry
• I enjoyed the time period, as Kerry said. I learned some things about the historical time that it takes place in & I liked the tone that she sets. That being said, not special. – Chelsea
• It was boring and I just did not care. – Sarah
• I really liked the main character and her story and all of the issues that the book touched on like history, religion, women’s rights, challenges and health. I was sad when it ended. – Steph
• With my expectations being really high because I loved The Red Tent so much, I was greatly disappointed. I felt like we were  hitting the highlights of the 20th century, going from one historical event to another without really caring about or engaged in the characters lives. Because of this it felt disingenuous. – Danica

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