The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

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• This was my second time through this book. While I feel like I gained a greater appreciation for Holden’s positions & understanding of Salinger’s background – it is not a book for me. – Chelsea
• Along with another book that I read immediately before this one, I felt I was inundated by petulant boy energy running through both stories. I was not a happy person during those weeks. – Danica
• I have read this before – two times – as a teenager, myself. At the time, I found it revolutionary. This time, I was not a fan. I was frustrated with many aspects of the book: writing style, the narrator’s unapologetic privilege and sexism, and pace of the book. The one redeemable quality was the back story of Holden losing his brother, Allie, and the impact of this loss on the Caufield family. – Hillary
• I did not enjoy reading this book. I disliked it in high school, but I wanted to re-read it with adult eyes. I felt like I had to hang out with a negative person I would never want to be around. There was a glimmer of humanity toward the end, but other than that – nope. – Kerry
• I found the prose annoying and repetitive. I see how it would appeal to a teenage boy but I just did not connect. – Sarah

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