The City Center by Simone Pond

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• It was a fast read and an interesting take on the post apocalyptic world. I felt a few things were hanging but overall good. – Sarah
• It was a fast, interesting read. Really enjoyed the creativity and ideas, but felt some developments happened too easily. – Carrie
• Fun evening with the author! – Kerry
• I really enjoyed this. It was fast and easy to read. Really enjoyed meeting the author. – Tami
• This was a really fun read. Having it set in Los Angeles was great and I felt there were some great creative elements to the plot. – Marlo
• A super fun, fast read with great ideas and world building. I wish some of the plot would have actually been slowed down a bit to allow for more character development. – Danica
Conclusion: We loved meeting Simone and had a a great night with her discussing the book and life. Thank you Simone for joining us!

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