The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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1 Neutral
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• An icreadible series! – Melissa
• Amazing! Wasn’t excited about it at all. But once I started I couldn’t stop. Read all three in a week. – Carrie
• Can’t wait to read the next 2! I was completely pulled in. The post-apocalyptic theme was compelling and I couldn’t put it down. – Brandi
• At least it was short. I hated the writing style at the beginning of the book. It got better when the games started. I didn’t like the premise at all but I don’t like fantasy. – Sarah
• Awesome book! An east to read thriller… couldn’t put it down! – Rachelle
• Great series! I really enjoyed the books, east and fun to read. – Vicki
• I loved this book. I will be finishing the series. Already reading book 2. – Tami
• I was hooked immediately, loved the first book but also loved the whole story arc that play out over the course of the three. – Danica

Conclusion: For the most part this was a book that given the genre, most were apprehensive. However the story won almost everyone over fairly quickly.

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