The Lace Reader by Bunonia Barry

0 Loved It
4 Liked It
2 Neutral
3 Disliked It
1 Hated It

• I’m sorry I suggested it! I thought the writing was awful and the story wasn’t much better. – Steph
• It was OK. The storyline went by quickly. It was a little predictable but fun. – Sarah
• It was enjoyable, but not memorable. It was not a surprise ending. – Brandi
• It was a fun, easy read. – Vicki
• Started to read, easy – will finish it later. – Tami
• The first half was interesting, but the 2nd half was unbelievable and dragged. – Melissa
• I found parts of it interesting, but parts of it were slow. – Dina
• If you’re going to work in multiple voices, make them different. The story was OK, but predictable. – Carrie
• It was OK. Interesting attempt at a surprise plot twist! – Kerry
• The author couldn’t decide which genre she wanted to write in which made it bland and nowhere. None of the characters were interesting, all sounded the same. With all this combined, this book was just boring. – Danica

Conclusion: We didn’t talk much about the book, but there were definitely mixed feelings from hate to disinterest to a few liking it.

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