The Mirage Factory by Gary Krist

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• I haven’t finished it yet (so close!) but do far, I love it! The Amy Semple McPherson parts were the most interesting to me. – Chelsea
• I really enjoyed this book. I wouldn’t have read it on my own, but the commitment through book club inspired me and I was pleasantly surprised by how compelling the history was. Loved the choice to profile McPherson, Griffith, and Mulholland. – Hillary
• It was pretty interesting but at times I got really stuck in the history of the movie industry. – Sarah
• I really enjoyed learning about the history of LA through 3 people in this book. It was so interesting, but the writing style was not great. – Steph
• I understood the choice of profiling Mulholland and McPherson (who I never heard about previously) but I thought DeMille would have been a more Los Angeles story than Griffith because of Griffith’s deep roots and story telling about the South. I feel the only reason Griffith was chosen over DeMille was because of Griffiith’s downward spiral after talkies became popular. All 3 people profiled had a major downfall after riding high, DeMille worked vigorously until his death. – Danica

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