The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar

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• At first, I really like the book but then it became obvious and repetitive in the emotional responses. – Sarah
• I really enjoyed it. It was a fast, easy read. I didn’t love all the characters, but did like the relationship between them and the development through the past to present. – Carrie
• I enjoyed the book. I thought the relationships between all the characters were interesting. – Kerry
• I didn’t love the story but I did like how some of the small everyday expressions were not translated so you really got a feel for the setting outside of the physicality of it. – Danica
• It took a while to decipher the characters. But I enjoyed the strengths that the female characters were able to portray.
• The characters in this book were intriguing and they made me ask questions about Indian culture. I’m still shocked at the brutality at the hand of men in the book! However, the women were resilient and vibrant. Good read. – Rachelle
• I enjoyed the book. Got into it quickly. Did not enjoy the end but I finished it! – Tami
• I liked the writing style, but found the story very/too depressing. – Steph

Conclusion: I think we all read and finished it, that says a lot. We also had a very lively discussion about caste systems and women’s roles in society.

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