The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

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• I thought the story with the grandmother and her story was the best part. I had trouble connecting with the Sage character. – Kerry
• I really enjoyed the book. At times, it was hard to read and I wanted to cry, but I got through it. Minka’s tale of survival was inspirational. – Rachelle
• I have reservation about holocaust-related fiction and some aspects of the story seemed a little too Jodi Picoult rather than part of the narrative but it was an interesting subject with interesting characters. – Shannon
• I really enjoyed reading the book. It was very interesting hearing about the Holocaust and how the story came together. It was a really good storyline. – Tami
• Parts of the story felt disjointed. At the start of the book it was really focused on Sage and Joseph’s story which was interesting. The the story was completely taken over by Minka’s story. I think the author shouldn’t have left the story from the original perspective. – Sarah
• I really enjoyed the book. Several times I cried and was in shock of what happened. It kept my attention. – Nikki
• I enjoyed the book as fiction, but it was a little too far fetched for me as a Holocaust novel. It took bits and pieces from all the big Holocaust memoirs which made it even more unrealistic to me. I did like the concept of hearing the story from both sides. – Carrie
• There were bits that I really enjoyed and then others that were unrealistic and disjointed. I also was left feeling unsatisfied by its predictability and how much did end up tiring together too perfectly. – Danica
• I did not like this book. I had to put it down as soon as the FBI guy said one of the ways to prosecute was to have a witness. I have read Picoult before and I do not like the way she writes. I did not care about the characters and thought the story was contrived. – Steph
• Although I found points of the story nightmare-inducing, its important that these stories are known. However, even only halfway through, I’m not thoroughly engrossed in the plot. – Marlo

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