The Wives of Los Alamos by TaraShea Nesbit

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• I could not get into the writing style. It was trying to give too many perspectives that made it feel like it was not saying anything. At least it was short. – Sarah
• Not sure if I like the writing style. I did not feel attached to any characters mentioned, very vague. – Vicki
• It was an easy read. It is a period in history I don’t know much about – and I still don’t. – Melissa
• It used a writing style that I didn’t like and so it seemed like a non-start about totally ordinary non-characters. – Shannon
• Easy to read, but no one to connect to. Don’t feel like I know anymore about them than I did before. – Carrie
• It was a quick read, but I thought it could have been written so much better. The amount of info I got about the wives could have been done in a magazine article. I would have liked to get to know individual wives better. – Kerry
• I really disliked the writing style! I missed character development. – Steph
• It was very hard to get past the writing style. I felt like I got a good picture of the environment and general feeling of the women but because there was absolutely zero character development, it was hard to care. – Danica

Conclusion: The consensus was that because of the writing style, there was a massively missed opportunity for some good historical fiction. To call this a novel is a bit of a stretch.

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