Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

2 Loved It
2 Liked It
1 Neutral
0 Disliked It
0 Hated It

• I enjoyed the story, although the language could be a bit difficult to read through. Overall, a yes for me! – Kerry
• Loved the story and humanity. Liked the characters and adventures of life Janie went through. Impressed by the writing style and descriptions. More meaning in it than just a good plot line. – Beka
• I very rarely “love” a book, but I did love this book. As soon as I finished I wanted to start it again. Her writing was beautiful. – Steph
• I did not totally enjoy the prose. However, the storyline was great. – Sarah
• The most interesting part to me was thinking about the what Hurston’s life intersected and influenced her writing. The prose was beautiful and ,ade me think. – Chelsea
• I had some difficulty with the dialect in parts but was completely engaged in the story and adventures of the book’s heroine. – Danica

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