Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

41chVzBhJiLLoved It
2 Liked It
1 Neutral
1 Disliked It
Hated It

• It was a little boring. I guess I just did not get it. Fast read. – Sarah
• I enjoyed the book, still not finished. I will finish it, two books in a row, yah!! I now want to see the movie. – Tami
• I only read 30 pages, so I don’t know if my opinion would have changed, but it wasn’t really my style of book. – Amy
• One chapter was enough for me. The format of a graphic novel had my interest. However, the story subject matter was not my cup of tea, to say the least, and I found the format distracting. – Marlo
• I really enjoyed the story but was having trouble with the graphic novel format. I think the drawings could have been better too – I kept getting confused and some plot points would have made greater impact had they been more iconic. – Danica

Conclusion: This was a great experiment but most of the group would have rather read a novel.

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