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  1. DeeDee

    The following are a few excerpts from reviews about Alretha Thomas' new novel "Daughter Denied."

    A Place of Our Own Book Club —
    Alretha Thomas delivers a gripping tale with Daughter Denied. Although we see and hear about similar families daily, this novel was unpredictable. It deals with religious differences within a household, blended families, child abuse, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, friendships, long distance relationships, imprisonment and more. In the end, I was truly happy to see that Tina and her siblings were going to be okay. I recommend this book to anyone facing familial challenges.

    Ararojax Literary Group Inc. (Florida)
    Awesome!!! Definitely will have you up late at night and taking breaks at work to read. Emotional roller coaster but you feel like you are part of the family or you know the family personally. I absolutely loved Tina. I hated Earnestine & Loved Earnestine. Sometimes we are prisoners outside the pen. Sometimes we are inlove out of the relationship. Truth is you can't control the feelings of your heart!! I definitely recommend others read, cause it is a page turner. Awesome job Alretha.

    Arc Book Club Inc. (New York) Daughter Denied is riveting and a superb drama with extraordinary characters and an intense original plot. Daughter Denied has the makings of a bestseller.

    Asis Book Club (Virginia) thoroughly enjoyed Daughter Denied. The title of the book is an accurate description of Tina in so many ways. The story takes you on an emotional roller coaster. The pervasive themes throughout the book are love, trust and especially hope. The ending lends itself to a sequel.

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