What to Expect

We are a very warm, friendly, laid back group although we do have our long established way of doing things.

We meet roughly every four weeks at a different member’s house for drinks, dinner and most importantly dessert. We do have a few vegetarians in the group so a meatless option is required of our hosts. We each are expected to bring $5 for our host to help cover their dinner prep expenses.

We’ve chosen books in many different ways, for now, this is how we are doing things:
For the first half of the year, each member is assigned a month where they bring in one classic, one new release, and one free choice. They then present those books and we vote on which one we will be reading. The member who brought in the choice leads the book club discussion for that book. Toward the end of the year when each member has had a chance to bring in their choices, we compile a list of those books that weren’t chosen, we call them second chance books. From those second chance categories, we pick one classic, one new release and one free choice to round out the year. The members who lead the discussions for these books volunteer to do it.

Our Book Club Birthday is in December so for that month’s meeting every year, we have a birthday/holiday party where we do a gift exchange. Sometimes we have a book we discuss in December sometimes we just enjoy each other’s company, it depends on how the schedule works out for that year.