Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

3 Loved It
4 Liked It
1 Neutral
0 Disliked It
0 Hated It

• I really enjoyed this book. I was expecting not to like it, but was pleasantly surprised. – Sarah
• I love this book! One of my favorites of the books I’ve read recently. Such a unique story. – Kerry
• I couldn’t get into it… – Steph
• I have begun and am enjoying it. I will finish it one day. – Tami
• I really enjoyed this book. Very intriguing and a fast read. – Carrie
• This book took me awhile to get into. Once I did, though, I really enjoyed it. The medical knowledge was very interesting. -Melissa
• I love this one. The character development was really interesting and the cultural setting, was even more fascinating. Even though it was long, I read it super fast. – Danica

Conclusion: We mostly really liked it. We spoke about it a little but the group was really quiet and mellow. I think on a different night, it could have been really lively.

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