Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

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• It was fun and engaging; The science is questionable but reasonable enough. Also, I am always rooting for the dinosaurs. – Chelsea
• It was an interesting and fun read. – Sarah
• I hadn’t read this since high school. It was really fun to read. – Carrie
• I read JP when it first came out, and remember really liking it. I didn’t have the same experience this time. I had a hard tie keeping the characters straight, except for Ian Malcolm – who was of course Jeff Goldblum! I wonder id the movie spoiled it for me? – Kerry
• Something very different for me! I was entertained and I enjoyed the dinosaurs. I’m curious about science fiction after reading this. – Hillary
• I am so happy that I didn’t read this years ago. I found the speculative science on dinosaurs and cloning fascinating given that we know a lot more today with both animals being actively cloned and that there’s more evidence that dinosaurs were most likely were avian as opposed to reptilian. – Danica

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