Possession: A Romance by A. S. Byatt

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3 Hated It

• Blah! What a drag!!! – Brandi
• I remember grudgingly making it through, but only through my own stubbornness. This comes up often as the book to beat for the worst response prize. – danica
• Loved this historic background and research into that genre’s core. – Julie Ann
• Didn’t read it. – Stephanie

Conclusion: We all REALLY hated this book.

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  1. hyperbolically yours

    A.S. Byatt can be a bit intimidating to enter as a reader but I have found most of what I have read by her to be worth the effort. It took me two tries to get through Possession. I think I liked Insects and Angels more – required less attention span and I did enjoy Babel Tower – that was a tough read as well.

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