Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosney

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• Was a very sad story, although I felt Julia’s reaction to Sarah’s story was extreme and felt very fake. – Sarah
• The story of Sarah’s little brother will continue to haunt me, despite being very fictitious. Before reading this book, I was completely unaware of the French roundup. So although I’m gla to now be aware of such a significant event, I though this book could have ended much sooner. The storyline of Julia seeking out Sarah’s son didn’t resonate with me at all. – Marlo
• I really enjoyed reading this book. I did not know about the French roundup, so this gave me information that I was interested in. I thought the stories blended together. – Tami
• I thought this was an interesting story. Though a bit contrived, the feelings and emotions were well portrayed. – Kerry
• The emotional component to this book was a bit overwhelming at first. However, I really enjoyed the characters, the history and the writing style. – Melissa
• While reading this book, I also saw Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. Some of the themes run together and some run apart, but I found it very interesting to compare and contrast the two. – Danica
• I spent a large portion of this book crying, but I still loved it. It took a very small part of history from a big moment in time and gave a very individual look into the impact on her life. – Mari
• I liked it but I thought the end – romantic question – was weird and I’m not sure I’d recommend it. But overall – it was OK. – Steph
• It was a quick read, and I found it intriguing. Sad… and hard to read at times. It kind of left a big gap in Sarah’s life, and I would have liked to have had more of her story and less of Julia’s. – Brandi
• This book was such a fast read. Easy to get connected to the characters. Very sad at times. I liked the idea of a fictional story about the war, it was a very interesting spin. – Carrie

Conclusion: All the members read this one!!! A feat in itself. We also had a lot to say, good and bad about it…

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