Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber

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• Amazing book and amazing story. – Sarah
• Fascinating read both for pleasure and professionally. Interesting to see the Freudian influence in therapy. This was a re-read for me since adolescence. I was able to see a completely different side. – Carrie
• I loved this story, devouring it voraciously. It is amazing to think of how much of this story has permeated pop culture and how much it is used in contemporary storytelling. It was written really well and even though the roots of the story were very disturbing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. – Danica
• It was a fascinating book – I couldn’t put it down. – Steph
• Disturbing, but enlightening. Fascinating. – Melissa
• Very fascinating, very well written. – Vicki

Conclusion: This one went over really well. Most read it, really enjoyed it and we had plenty to talk about with it.

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