The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

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• While reading the book, I became very fond of each of the librarians, even the minor characters.  I was invested in wanting them to achieve their goals and be able to break through barriers to live their best lives! -Kerry
• I enjoyed reading about the Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky during the 1930s setting, and I was able to really get lost in the rural Kentucky world. The end of the book felt a little contrived and I wished some of the side characters were a little more fleshed out/not so one-dimensional. -Nicole
• I felt transported in time and place, and the work of the Packhorse Librarians was inspiring to me. I appreciated the detailed descriptions and I also felt Moyes did a great job with dialogue between characters. I wish we had more information about Bennet’s character shift and flaws, but I also appreciated this as the author’s choice to center the story on the women. -Hillary
• I did not think I would like this book so much but was pleasantly surprised.  The writing style made the book enjoyable to read and the storylines did not stagnate. -Sarah
• I had never heard about the packhorse librarians besides a quick mention here or there. I for some reason thought they were from a much earlier time period and not from the 30’s. I enjoyed the character development and learning about their challenges and the people who they served. -Danica

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