The Library Book by Susan Orlean

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• I enjoyed reading about the history of LA and the library and the mystery element of who/how the fire happened. Very excited to visit the Central Library. – Kerry
• I learned a lot fro this book and appreciated the narration style. I think I have arrived at and acceptance of ambiguity regarding arson. My favorite parts of the book were about Harry Peake and the mystery around his involvement with the library. -Hillary
• I enjoyed reading about the fire and the background of Harry Peak. I learned a lot about libraries and Los Angeles history, and appreciated how the author bounced around all these topics throughout the book. -Nicole
• I vaguely remembered the fire and aftermath from my childhood but didn’t remember much else. Orlean expertly weaves the history of the Los Angeles, the library, the fire, the investigation, the recovery, and the evolution of library services in such a way that even with unanswered questions about the arson abound, the reader feels satisfied. – Danica
• The book was so informative. I really liked that the story jumped around because if it was in chronological order, I would have gotten bored. I found the whole book fascinating. – Sarah
• I fell in love with this book. As a bibliophile I have always adored libraries and the history and the stories of what libraries can be. -Chelsea
• The Library Book was fascinating, interesting, and a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about Central Library and beyond. -Steph

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