The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantú

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• I felt very moved by the intimate story in the third part, a story that is so common to so many people. This book really opened my eyes to border control policies and also how the landscape and environment plays a major role. -Nicole
• This was a beautifully written book. I appreciated the way in which the author used personal narrative and history to look at the border. I came away with a much more nuanced understanding of the Mexican-American border. An excellent read, accessible to a variety of perspectives. – Hillary
• I thought this book was very well organized and important – it should be a required reading book for everyone! – Steph
• There were parts that I was very connected and parts that I wasn’t. I am not sure if it is just general quarantine distraction or the actual writing, although I feel like I gained insight into perspectives I hadn’t considered. – Danica

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