The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

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• This book is so full of information, I feel like my head is spinning. Really provocative in how I think about my own food and consumption choices. – Chelsea
• I really enjoyed the thinking that I have done since finishing this book. I learned a lot in each of the meals but by far the one that has stuck with me is the grass section. Specifically how evolutionarily, the plants and animals are all designed to support their individual needs as long as you work at maintaining their delicate balances. I see this on a micro level in my own edible garden but never considered this in animal food production. I have never lived on a farm or outside of a city, like most of our country, so it is not something we think about on the regular. – Danica
• I learned so much and it was well written. I liked the way he examined food from so many perspectives and it is quite scary how money and profit dictate what we eat. All that and I only got to 42%! I do plan on finishing. – Steph
• Great read to keep you thinking about what we consume. The part that stuck with me the most was  that we need a journalist to find out where our food is from! – Kerry
• I enjoyed this book much more that I thought I would. I thought the author would try to forward a certain agenda but was happy to see that it was mostly a look at food systems without making judgement calls. – Sarah

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