The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

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• This was definitely an enjoyable read. Although there were points that seemed either slow or tedious traits to the characters, I enjoyed the glimpse into 1920’s Avant Garde Paris. Specifically, it was inspiring to read about how Hemmingway wanted so hard to become the writer he was. – Marlo
• I enjoyed the glimpse into the lives of the clearly influential members of artistic and literary history. – Melissa
• I really liked it at the beginning and liked the insight into Earnest and his personality, but he really was a horrible person. – Sarah
• I really enjoyed this book – good, interesting story and very well written. Yay! – Steph
• This was not one of my favorites. I did not get drawn in until the end and then I was angry, nauseous and crying. – Carrie
• I loved the setting and descriptions of their friends and travels however, the main character’s passivity really bothered me, especially towards the end. – Danica

Conclusion: We naturally started discussing the book even before formally doing so and also decided to put The Sun Also Rises on our schedule because of this book. I’d say it was a good choice.

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