The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

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• Most of the book dragged but there were parts that were really good. It was a very Lisa See book, the writing style was the same as all her other books. -Sarah
• It was slow for me to start, but I did enjoy it in time. – Chelsea
• It was interesting to read about a hill tribe in China after reading so many other books set in China. – Kerry
• I enjoyed this because because of the setting and the family saga woven throughout. The adoption thread felt very powerful. – Hillary
• I have always enjoyed Lisa See. The relationships and stories weaved together well. I enjoyed reading and learning about the hill tribes. – Carrie
• I enjoyed the arc of this story. In the beginning, I thought the story took place much earlier than it had. It was fun to follow along with the modernization of the hill tribe for the good and the bad. – Danica
• I enjoyed this book – a glimpse into a new world to me. I also liked the magical elements. – Steph

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